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  • Refund policy

    Note that by purchasing any service on our site, you are accepting the terms of the refund policy.

    We firmly believe and stand behind our service 100%. However, we understand that it may not always work perfectly for everyone. If we are unable to fix your problem, which is related to repair and not custom development, and we have given up, a full refund will be issued. However, if you decide to cancel your support request before we have the opportunity to work on it and determine that we cannot resolve it or you are unable to provide the access we need, there will only be a 50% refund of this. that was paid to us. The reason for this is that we have operational costs incurred when a service is purchased and sent and in many cases the agent has already completed some of the work.

    * Refund requests are only reviewed within 14 days or less of the original purchase date. * Refunds do not apply to service credit or monthly / annual plan services.

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