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  • Chatbot development

    • Chatbot for web, WordPress, Facebook, Telegram, Line
    • Save time by delegating questions to a robot
    • A robot never sleeps, 24/7 coverage
    • The bot uses the latest Google Artificial Intelligence technologies
    • Graphic customization in line with the brand / site

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    Service quota

    Text180 requests per minute
    Input audio (opzionale)
    Includes speech recognition and speech to text conversion.
    100 requests per minute

    1.000 requests per day

    15.000 requests per month

    Max 60 seconds of audio duration per request
    Output audio (optional)
    Includes speech synthesis and text-to-speech conversion.
    As for Input audio
    Number of different bot replies that can be set.
    Number of different keywords the bot responds to.30
    Number of synonyms per keyword5