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    • Create WordPress security backup
    • Loading existing backup
    • Remote backup space setting
    • Automatic backup settings
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    WordPress Backup


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    Need a Backup of your WordPress?
    Do you want to restore an existing one?
    Do you need a “don’t think about it” automatic backup system?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the service for you.

    Backup of a WordPress site

    Do you have to perform a somewhat “risky” operation on your site and would like to immediately create a backup version of the entire site before proceeding? So as to be able to revert to the current version in case of unwanted errors? We’ll take care of creating one immediately.

    Loading pre-existing backup

    We can upload an existing backup, perhaps created by your server, or created by a plugin on your WordPress. If you have doubts about the existence of this backup, contact us by providing us with the name of your Hosting service and we will let you know quickly.

    Automated Backups setup

    We strongly believe in “set it and forget it”. This will include setting up automatic backup at the right times, so as not to impact website server speed.

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