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    Speed Up WordPress


    Why optimize your slow WordPress site?

    Anyone who has a website, and especially those who own an e-commerce, is interested in the positioning of their content on search engines, with particular attention to Google.
    Among the various parameters with which Google evaluates the quality of a site, to decide which position to show it in the results, there are the loading speed of the site and the user experience. The user experience (or “user experience”) is the fluidity and simplicity that the user will find when browsing the site which, indirectly, in turn includes the speed with which the pages are shown.
    It is also known how, according to the analyzes conducted by Google, but not only, today the average user leaves a site in 53% of cases if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load.
    This is why it is very important to have a fast and responsive site, for indexing in search engines but also not to lose potential customers!

    Our site as proof

    This is the optimization we have done on WordPress Support, which resides on a shared hosting plan

    Google Lighthouse:

    lighthouse score

    Google PSI (Page Speed Insights): Mobile 96/100 – Desktop 96/100

    pagespeed insights score Test live on PSI
    (test twice)

    WebPageTest.org: all A grades

    score webpagetest

    GTmetrix: doppia A (99/96)

    gtmetrix score

    Download for free
    our complete guide
    to Speed up WordPress!

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    Speed up WordPress free guide

    Our guarantee is very simple

    service guarantees
    Without too many complications..

    Slow WordPress site? These are our guarantees for speed optimization:

    • We will not charge more than the indicated cost to speed up your site
    • The speed up will be assigned to a specialist and started immediately
    • Our specialists will work diligently on your site until it reaches the maximum speed it can go
    • We will give you details of what has been done to speed up your site
    • Our specialist will show you the speed reports before and after
    • If we are unable to improve the speed of your site, you will receive a refund

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