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  • We make sure that everything works as it should within your WordPress site.

    • Initial backup
    • WordPress, plugins and theme updates
    • Site security check
    • Site speed test
    • Check for unused plugins
    • Full report
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    Site Checkup


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    WordPress complete test and report


    First we’ll make a security backup of your website. This will ensure the restoration of the backup files and therefore we can safely do some tests in case one of the plugins creates conflicts.

    Various updates

    We will check for any pending updates and if so, we will complete them for you and then make sure everything works as before. Activation upon request of automatic updates of WordPress core, theme and plugins of choice.

    Site security analysis

    WordPress is a very popular platform which is why hackers love to use it as a training. It is important to protect your site. We will do a detailed security check to make sure you have the right prevention in place with no leaks in your WP.

    Site speed test

    Visitors to your site want to be able to browse it as fast as possible. Today it’s also important to have a fast site to improve your positioning on Google. We will do a professional test to measure its speed.

    Check for unused plugins

    Not sure which plugins you are using or not? We will check the complete list of plug-ins on your site and determine which ones are needed and which are not. We will remove those you do not need with your consent.

    Complete report

    You will receive a detailed report of your site testing. The report will include details of each step above included in the service.

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